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Xenon Gas Discharge Bulbs (HID) - Range Extension and Price Reduction

07 June 2016

Range Extension - NEW RELEASES    P/N D3S                                     P/N D1S-5K

With HELLA’s comprehensive range of automotive bulbs, sourced from the best quality bulbs worldwide for trusted performance for durability and reliability, has now been extended by the D3S and the D1S-5K.

HELLA bulbs are renowned for their uncompromising adherence to the highest quality and safety standards.

HELLA is proud to announce the following extension to our bulb range.

        P/N D3S         PK32d-5    

Click here to view more information about our new D3S Xenon Gas Discharge Bulb (HID)

     P/N D1S-5K         PK32d-2    

Click here to view more information about our new D1S-5K Xenon Gas Discharge Bulb (HID) - All dimensions in mm.

Competitive Pricing - PRICE REDUCTION 
The rest of the HELLA bulb range, also well known for it's trusted durability and reliability, has undergone a price reduction for a more competitive market place.
            P/N D1R            P/N D1S           P/N D2R           P/N D2S              P/N D4S

Click here to view the complete range and more information about our Xenon Gas Discharge Bulbs (HID)