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The Lumion Bulb Configurator is Now Live!

02 June 2016


HELLA is now offering a free online tool which makes it easy to select the correct bulb for your car: Lumion.

Just visit www.hella.com/MicroSite/bulbs/nz/ and choose between passenger car or truck, find your vehicle on the list, choose the light function you require and let Lumion do the rest.

Many bulb applications have multiple options in terms of colour, brightness & usage. The new online tool will give you all the available options between various bulbs ranging from Standard to Lifetime (Long Life), Performance (30, 60, 70 or 110% brighter), Design (colour temperatures closer to daylight) and Xenon HID bulbs.
The convenient configuration service covers a wide range of vehicles and models, however due to the large range of imported vehicles in New Zealand it may not have every car model listed


Give it a go today: www.hella.com/MicroSite/bulbs/nz/