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Safety DayLights™ Smart Controller

29 October 2014

This smart controller is designed to simplify the installation of HELLA’s LED Safety DayLights™ range by eliminating the need to wire the lamp, or changeover relay to ignition terminal 15.

The Safety DayLights™ Smart Controller can be wired directly to the positive terminal of the battery, which saves the difficult and often time consuming task of finding the ignition feed.

The smart controller monitors the voltage supply from the battery and will automatically switch the Safety DayLights™ on when the engine is started, and automatically switch them off when the headlamps are activated, or the engine is turned off.

• One smart controller controls two lamps
• Quick and easy installation

*Advanced version P/N 3090 has vibration monitor for installation in
vehicles with fuel saving alternators.

  Safety DayLights™ Smart Controllers

P/N 3090 Safety DayLights™ Smart Controller (Advanced*)

    P/N 3091 Safety           DayLights™ Smart       Controller (Standard)



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