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Power Beam 5000 LED Work lamp

19 July 2013

With the release of the Power Beam 5000, HELLA expands its extensive work lamp range to further cater for heavy industry and construction applications.

A robust aluminium powder coated body encases 23 high power LEDs, which generate an impressive real light performance of 4500 lumen.

Utilising a specially developed multi-faceted reflector, the lamp emits a uniform white light supporting optical sensory perception and preventing eyes from tiring, thus assisting work safety in low-light or night-time conditions.

  Power Beam 5000 LED Work lamp
• Fully sealed against dust and water ingress
• Robust aluminium die-cast housing
   • Integrated thermal sensor for protection against overheating
• Intense output of 4500lm 
                                                                                                                                                       5000 Spread beam pattern
The Power Beam 5000 is a fully sealed resilient work lamp, designed to optimise power usage, ensuring the end user has a long lasting, high performing work lamp for a multitude of applications. The lamp has inverse polarity protection and carries HELLA’s 5 year warranty. 

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