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NEW RELEASE: Scangrip CONNECT NOVA 2 & 4 Work Lamps

13 December 2023

New Release text beside close up


SCANGRIP CONNECT NOVA lamps deliver up to
4000 lumen, 5 levels of illumination,
and a modular battery system


Two work lamps, angled to the right. Scangrip CONNECT Nova 2 on left, Scangrip CONNECT Nova 4 on right.


The new SCANGRIP CONNECT Series delivers a range of high-performance COB work lights that are compatible with 18V battery packs from leading power tools brands, using the innovative SCANGRIP CONNECTOR, and are directly compatible with the METABO/CAS battery system.



Diagram showing Scangrip CONNECT Adapter connecting 18 volt battery pack


Choose your matching CONNECTOR and GO!

Select the SCANGRIP CONNECT work light that fits your needs, attach the CONNECTOR for your preferred battery brand, connect your battery, and you are ready to work!
A built-in Battery Safety System ensures both correct operation of the battery and protects the battery pack in use.





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