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New HELLA LED Hand Held Spot Lamp

24 May 2017

Time to replace the old power hungry sealed beam and halogen spot lamps with the latest LED technology that boasts a huge 1350 lumen light output: HELLA’s new LED hand held spot lamp.

While offering similar performance to the 100W sealed beam, the handy new light only uses a third of the power consumption. Due to less heat development, a compact size and light weight it is comfortable to hold even for longer periods.

The LED light comes with spiral plug-in cable (3.5m), a DT connector, a handy carry bag and battery clips to power socket adaptor.

  Click here for more information about the new LED Hand Held Sopt Lamp
All dimensions in mm.    Accessories (Supplied)
P/N 1520LED (Long Range)
P/N 1521LED (Medium Range)
  Battery clips to power socket adaptor HELLA carry bag


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for more information about the new LED Hand Held Spot Lamp