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New HELLA Compact, Rechargeable and Durable LED Inspections Lamps

27 July 2017

LED Mini Mag - 12V/24V Flash Light Inspection Lamps

The Mini Mag comprises an extremely powerful, rechargeable LED work light and flashlight in one. 

Containing the latest high performace LED technology this inspection lamp is a must have. The new and modern design of the Mini Mag provides an ergonomic and user-friendly grip.

The strong built-in magnetic holder and the retractable suspension hook allows you to place the Mini Mag anywhere. The lamp 180° flexible lamp head makes lighting those had to see areas a lot easier.

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The compact pocket size design fo the Flashlight means it can always be at hand when needed.

The flashlight is easily charged on the fly, you just plug it directly into the DC Power socket in your car, without the need of charger device, cable, or batteries!

It provides an extremely bright light output of 130 lumens and output reach up to 100m. The focus function allows you to vary the beam angle from 10° to 70°, for long-distance or close range illumination.

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Mini Mag LED Inspection LampMini Mag features a retractable hook and strong built-in magnet with a 180° Flexible Head.

  LED 12V/24V Pocket Sized Flashlight
LED 12V/24V pocket sized flashlight is small and convenient with no need for cables or chargers.