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NEW RELEASE: 3 LED Multi-Flash Slim Amber Warning lamp

04 May 2023

New Release text beside 3 LED Multi-Flash Amber Waring lamps on vehicle


Compact 3 LED Multi-Flash Slim
Amber Warning Lamp now available 


Two 3 LED Multi-Flash Slim Amber Warning lamps, arranaged one behind the other


HELLA releases an even more compact 3 LED version of its Multi-Flash Slim Amber Warning lamp, joining the existing 6 LED model. With 10 different flash patterns, SAE J595 Class 1 compliance, and being the brightest in it's class, the 3 LED, high power Multivolt™ lamps are suitable for on road use. Supplied in pairs, these tough lamps come with a 5 year warranty for extra peace of mind.





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