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LED Safety DayLights™ - Vertical Surface Mount

31 January 2014

LED Safety DayLights™ are designed as forward facing signal lamps to enhance the visibility of your vehicle to other road users during daylight hours. The failure to see a car, truck or bus approaching, particularly at intersections, has been identified as one of the most significant factors in daytime accidents.

Safety DayLights™ are activated when the ignition is switched ON for a “never forget” safety enhancement and will automatically switch OFF when the headlamps or park lights are turned on.


• Ultra long life

5 year warranty
• Ultra low profile design
• Increase your vehicle visibility
• Low power consumption of 3 watts
• Fully sealed against dust and high
  pressure water jets
• Bright white light to alert other road
of your presence

                                                      All dimensions in mm.

For more information on the new LED Safety DayLights™ - Vertical Surface Mount click here.

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