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The New LED Lamp Distribution Box

04 November 2019

HELLA LED Lamp Distribution Box


• Quick Connectivity
• Easy Trouble Shooting
• Suitable for Trucks, Heavy Trailers & Special Purpose Vehicles


Looking for a simple and reliable way to connect lighting to your trailer harness? HELLA’s revolutionary LED Lamp Distribution Box is the quick connect, easy trouble shooting solution for fitting LED lamps to heavy trailers and custom vehicles.

The LED Lamp Distribution Box is designed with integrated Deutsch DT connector sockets that provide easy and reliable lamp connection. Internal electronics isolate individual circuits to reduce lamp outage, to ensure a long life and reliable lamp operation. Should a fault occur, this also means fast repair times and less down time for the vehicle. A completely sealed housing and durable materials provide protection against water, dust and high pressure/steam jet cleaning.

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Plug and Play



Simple Installation and Quick Connectivity
Utilising industry standard Deutsch Connector Plugs, lamps can be quickly and easily connected to the LED Lamp Distribution Box. Versatile mounting clips can be placed in multiple positions to offer various mounting points.


Completely Sealed

  Completely Sealed – Non-serviceable
The IP6K9K rated housing prevents any moisture, dust or other contaminants from affecting internal electronics. Because there are no serviceable parts or need to open the Distribution Box you can avoid potential damage to other circuits when replacing lamps.

Isolate Faults

  Faults Isolated to Single Circuit
Each output circuit is individually protected meaning should you have a fault it will not cause a malfunction with other lamps. This facilitates fast fault finding by narrowing down the single circuit. This means faster repair times and less down time for the vehicle.

Reduce Costs 






Reduced Installation and Service Costs
Because the unit is designed for quick and simple connectivity, costs are reduced and the installation can be done in a short time frame.

Conventional junction boxes can be complicated and prone to faults when opened and serviced. When a fault occurs multiple lamps and circuits can be affected, resulting in a vehicle not being safe to operate. With the new HELLA LED Distribution Box, should a fault occur on a particular circuit, it will be isolated - meaning faster fault finding and repair, therefore the vehicle can be back up and operational in a much faster time frame.

The costs of servicing the innovative LED Distribution Box can be minimal when you consider how costs can quickly mount. A call out after hours can cause labour costs which quickly accumulate. Possibly the largest cost of all is the vehicle not being operational and the roll-on effect this can have for driver hours and delivery deadlines.


Auto-Reset Fuse 



Auto-Reset Fuse Protection
Should a fault occur; internal thermal fuse protection will isolate the fault to that single circuit. To reset the internal fuse simply remove power for a few seconds and the fuse will reset once cooled. After the fault is repaired and power reapplied the circuit will reset and be operational again.


Designed for low voltage LED lamps, the LED Lamp Distribution Box has circuits that are individually protected to 1.3A each (@ 50°C).
       LED Lamp Configuration Suggestion  
       LED Lamp Configuration Suggestion Table