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LED Interior/Exterior Strip Lamp

08 April 2013

Our new LED Strip Lamps are a culmination of state-of-the-art technology and aesthetics, resulting in a lighting solution for many interior or exterior applications.

Designed for Fit and Forget applications, these lamps feature a comfortable soft white colour temperature and a diffused lens to provide an evenly spread light. Advanced reduced-glare-design helps avoiding eye strain. For long term reliability these LED Strip Lamps are hermetically sealed for complete protection against water and dust ingress.

Expert material selection, without compromise, is a commitment by HELLA that ensures our lamps will not be damaged or deteriorate from long term exposure to our harsh UV radiation. The slim profile of only 11 mm makes this stylish LED lamp an easy and unobtrusive surface mount solution for a multitude of applications.

 LED Strip Lamp


• Ultra slim with a profile height of only 11 mm
• Soft white light for comfortable even

• Benchmark low power consumption
• Reduced glare design to prevent eye strain
• Fully sealed against dust and water ingress
• Suitable for interior or exterior use
• Surface mount

     All dimensions in mm.


For more information on the LED Interior/Exterior Strip Lamp click here.