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LED Combination Lamp

07 June 2013

LED Stop/Rear Position/Rear Direction Indicator Lamp with Retro Reflector.
These stylish lamps combine form with function, incorporating stop, rear position, rear direction indicator lamps with a central reflector, offering an optional number plate lamp function.

To combine all rear marker and signal functions in a single lamp with a single five core cable allows for a significant reduction in installation time.

  LED Combination Lamp

This lamp is protected by a lens made of specially formulated high impact acrylic, which is resistant to long-term harsh UV exposure and tolerant to chemicals commonly used in the transport industry.

Our team designed this lamp to HELLA’s Fit and Forget standard, to withstand the most demanding environments.

All features of this six function rear combination lamp, including the latest ISO 13207-1 compliance, are designed to ensure lowest cost of ownership for the astute transport operator.

Packaging   • Fully Sealed and suitable for Temporary Submersion

• Resistant against Harsh UV Radiation

• Pre-wired for Easy Installation

HCS - Compliance with ISO 13207-1 


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