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LED BL350 Work Lamp - 240V AC

24 March 2016

HELLA’s popular LED BL350 work lamp is now also available in 240V AC.

This light weight, slim line lamp is available with a white or a black body and in 3 different lens options (narrow, spread, wide spread).

The lamp features a revolutionary ceramic based, totally non corrosive, thermally conductive housing and a high performance impact resistance Grilamid® lens. With those properties, the BL350 work lamp 240 AC is ideal for rough outdoor applications, e.g. pool areas, seaside applications, alley ways, car parks etc.

The waterproof, maintenance free and hermetically sealed lamp is also dimmable, either by 0-10V DC dimming control, resistance or pulse width modulation (not supplied). A flexible, adjustable mounting system ensures easy installation to suit a wide range of applications.

The BL350 work lamp 240 AC is covered by a 5 year warranty.

• 12 high performance LEDs.
• Luminaire Performance* 2200 lumen.
• Low power consumption of 26W.
• Thermally conductive non-metal housing.
• Dust and waterproof.

*Luminaire Performance refers to the real performance of the lamp, not the much higher theoretical performance of the LEDs, as is often used.

     P/N 1GJ 958 084-001
 Black Base - Wide Spread


     P/N 1GJ 958 084-011
 White Base - Wide Spread
             LED Driver
LED Driver
BL350 240V AC Diagram  All dimensions in mm.  


 Beam Pattern  
 Wide Spread     Spread  


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