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K-LED 2 Beacon

31 January 2014

HELLA Beacons are designed, tested and protected for guaranteed performance and reliability. K-LED low profile beacons are the ideal choice wherever beacons risk interference with radio communications. 

The K-LED 2 Beacon features 20 high power LEDs providing high light output for best visibility. An automatic day/night sensor adjusts brightness to avoid glare discomfort at night. 14 different flashing and 2 rotating patterns.

k-LED Banner
K-LED   K-LED-Inside  

5 year warranty
• 20 high power LEDs
• Ultra long service life
• Automatic day/night sensor
• Robust and vibration resistant
• 14 different flash and 2 rotating patterns
• Reverse polarity and voltage spike

• Low EMC signature reduces possible
  interference with electronic devices


Caution: Mounting of Magnetic Base Revolving Lamps
Due to HELLA being unable to control the condition of the mounting surface or the potential forces that may occur during deceleration, fitment of warning lamps with a magnectic base cannot be recommended for use on moving vehicles. 

For more information on the new K-LED 2 Beacon click here.

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