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Innovative Light Weight LED Driving Light In Low Profile Form Factor

06 March 2015

This slim yet powerful new LED Light Bar is the first such lamp with a body manufactured entirely from high performance plastics. This aerodynamic powerhouse features a maximum luminous intensity of 145,000 candela with a mere power consumption of only 25 watts. Designed by the same team that created the iconic DuraLED® range, the new LED Light Bar 350 features 12 durable high performance automotive grade LED’s.

The dust and waterproof Light Bar comes in two different beam patterns – High Beam (Ref 20 with 1 lux at approx. 320 metres) and Pencil Beam (Ref 30 with 1 lux at approx. 380 metres). The long range illumination is an added safety feature allowing for advanced warning on and off road. 

The revolutionary non corrosive, thermally conductive housing is precision injection moulded from a ceramic based polymer which is highly resistant to degradation and corrosion even in harsh environmental conditions. Due to its light weight of only 700g and slim profile, this streamline light bar is ideal for applications where low weight and aerodynamic styling are essential.

  Driving Lamp Low Profile
Lamp Pivot

P/N 1395
LED Light Bar 350

Mounting brackets allow
rotation of LED Light Bar.


All dimensions in mm.
Driving Light Diagram
Driving Light  

Fit and Forget by Design

• ˜12 high performance LEDs

• ˜Approved for use on public roads
• Maximum luminous intensity of 145,000 candela
• ˜Low power consumption
• ˜Highly adaptable mounting system
• Thermally conductive non-metal housing
• ˜Lightweight of only 700g
• 5 year warranty


The hermetically sealed and submersible light bar features a MultivoltTM circuit for optimum brightness at input voltages from 9 to 33 volts, is fully road legal with ECE approval and comes with a comprehensive 5 year warranty.

Mounting brackets can be positioned to suit most vehicle installations.
A flexible, adjustable mounting system ensures easy installation.

  Flexible Back Brackets

To view our New LED Light Bar 350, please click here.