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Important Technology Upgrade: 2379 To 2378 Changeover

18 February 2016

Upgrade to the latest version of the DuraLED® Combi, the Combi-S, which offers many more benefits and is a direct replacement for the P/N 2379.

As the latest and most technologically advanced version of the iconic DuraLED® Combi series, the DuraLED® Combi-S (P/N 2378) was first launched some 2.5 years ago as a technology upgrade for the original DuraLED® Combi (P/N 2379).

With a depth of only 25mm and a heavy duty Grilamid® lens as standard, the new 2378 offers additional features to ensure a truly ‘Fit and Forget’ long term durability performance.

With the falling demand for the older technology 2379 and its derivatives, it has been decided that some versions of the original DuraLED® Combi will be replaced by the more advanced DuraLED® Combi-S. 

P/N 2378 DuraLED® Combi-S (Seen right)


To this effect the following part numbers will no longer be available from the 1st of March 2016.
• 2379-BULK (replaced by the 2378-BULK or 2378-6MBULK)
• 2379-BL (replaced by the 2378-BL)
• 2379-GMD (2378 has a Grilamid lens as standard)
• 2379-TP (replaced by the 2378-TP)

NB: P/N 2379 and 2379-CS will continue to be available for spares and replacements.

Download This Flier - For more information and recommended 2378 replacement part numbers.

Click here - For more information about P/N 2378 DuraLED® Combi-S (Replacement for P/N 2379)