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New HypaLUME 48V DC RFCommSafe™ LED Flood Light

02 August 2016

The HypaLUME has been designed for applications where high performance LED lighting is required. 56 high power LEDs produce an output of some 28,000 lumens while only consuming 300 Watts at 48V DC.

The lights have a colour temperature of 5700K to provide a work environment that is the optimal balance between fatigue avoidance and high alertness. High performance Grilamid® lenses protect the interior of the lamp from impact and environmental damage. The premium aluminium housing is corrosion resistant with a non-stick and easy to clean surface coating. The built-in soft start feature eliminates a high in-rush current at start up.

48V DC HypaLUME is designed RFCommSafe™
High power LED lamps typically contain pulsed electronic circuits (PWM). It is a legal requirement that these circuits do not cause harmful interference with other devices and at the same time the circuit should not be susceptible to radiation from other devices.

RFCommSafe™ products were developed in recognition that some radio communications equipment used by the emergency services and industry will self-tune to higher amplification (high sensitivity) in remote areas. In these situations the limits prescribed in CISPR15 or relevant UNECE Standards might not be sufficient to ensure absolutely no interference. 48V DC HypaLUME is designed to RFCommSafe™, ultra low emission (EMC) requirements surpassing International Standards by a wide margin.



  P/N 1GJ 011 872-221
  HypaLUME 48V DC RFCommSafe™ LED Flood Light
  - Heavy Duty - Close Range

Side view

 Locking mechanism 
 Front view
 Back view    All dimensions in mm.
 Mounting angles    Mounting hole

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