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HELLA Rides New River ‘Green 50’ List

25 July 2012

New Zealand’s first definitive list of companies making money improving the environment has just been launched, Hella being in the top 50.

Hella New Zealand has been ranked 18th in a nationwide survey on business contributors to a greener environment. Strategic research company New River surveyed 320 companies across New Zealand, with the results forming the Green 50 List.

Example of a refurbished DuraLed® lamp    Interior LED Lighting    Exterior LED Lighting
Refern     Inter Lighting      Exter Lighting

The Green 50 list is the first of its kind for this country and was developed from in-depth research of 320 companies across 54 sectors of the economy. Over 150 companies offering a product, service or technology to improve the environment were considered. Top of the list is Chem Recovery, which recovers and recycles heavy metals to produce 99.9% pure re-usable metals; followed by Stonewood Homes, builder of a 7-star green building; and Reid Technology, a leader in solar power.

Key to Hella's recognition is our commitment to design and manufacture long life, durable, lower power LED lighting products. The proven Fit and Forget LED durability of our products always make economic sense when true life cycle costs are considered.

For many years Hella has even advocated the refurbishment and re use of DuraLED® trailer lamps from old to new trucks and trailers. Low energy consumption products such as LED work lamps and LED Safety DayLights™ receive high praise for class leading energy efficiency, leading to lower CO2 emissions of the vehicle.The ultra-low power consumption of HELLA LED Safety DayLights

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