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HELLA Launches RFCommSafe™ Range

20 April 2015

In a connected world, keeping the radio frequency spectrum clean from unintended and unwanted interference is of upmost importance. For some industries and especially the emergency sector, interference free, clear radio communication is vital and potentially lifesaving.

In remote locations some radio communication equipment self -tunes to higher sensitivity levels. All LED based lighting contains electronic circuitry to power the LED in a controlled manner. It is known that these drive circuits can be a significant source of harmful radio interference.

Ultimately it is the skill of the circuit designer and the willingness of the manufacturer to design and pay for a circuit that contains the components required to supress harmful interference.

   RFCommSafe Superior Electromagnetic Compatibility   DuraLED® WL200 RFCommSafe™ (Bottom Left)
   DuraLED® WL1300 RFCommSafe™ (Bottom Right)
   AS3000 RFCommSafe™ - Heavy Duty (Top Middle)

HELLA has recognised the Health and Safety responsibilities of the industry and is launching a range of Peace of Mind products, designed to go well beyond regulatory requirements and international standards such as EN 55015, CISPR 15, CISPR 25 or relevant UNECE R10.

To make it easy for decision makers and engineers to identify products that are designed to perform well above current legal requirements, HELLA has created the RFCommSafe™ range of products. All HELLA lamps marketed as RFCommSafe™ are designed for superior electromagnetic compatibility.

   Superior Electromagnetic Compatibility

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