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New HELLA Bulbs Range Extension

26 August 2016

HELLA is proud to announce the following extension to its comprehensive range of automotive bulbs:

• The H16 Halogen Bulb 12V 19W (P/N CF1219)

• The HIR2 Halogen Bulb 12V 55W (P/N CI1255)

With the most extensive range of automotive bulbs to suit almost every application, HELLA takes pride in sourcing only the best quality bulbs worldwide for trusted durability and reliability. HELLA bulbs are renowned for their uncompromising adherence to the highest quality and safety standards.


The H16 (CF1219) and HIR2 (CI1255) are commonly used on Lexus and Toyota vehicles.

  H16 Halogen Bulb: 12V 19W     HIR2 Halogen Bulb: 12V 55W
 P/N CF1219  All dimensions in mm.   P/N CI1255  All dimensions in mm.
Base: PGJ19-3 
    Base: PX22d



Click Here for more information about the new H16 Halogen Bulb 12V 19W
Click Here
for more information about the new HIR2 Halogen Bulb 12V 55W