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Generation III LED Work Lamps

23 November 2012

The popular 1539-LED and 1547-LED work lamps have undergone an upgrade, offering 30% more light than their predecessors. Designated Generation III, the work lamps deliver 800 lumens of white light via 4 high performance LEDs, while maintaining low power consumption at less than 13W.

Innovative LED technology with a powerful light performance, these LED work lamps have a proven track record, performing outstandingly on battery operated vehicles or vehicles on which the alternator is already under heavy load.

• Wide spread close range illumination for working in close
   range conditions

• Aluminium die cast housing, clear hard glass lens and stainless
  steel bracket

Multivolt™ for optimum brightness at input voltages from9 to 33 volts 
• Reverse battery and Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) protection
• Operates in temperatures from -40°C to +50°C
• Vibration and shock resistant
5 year warranty

• Suitable for use under very rough conditions
• Fully sealed against dust and high
  pressure washing
• 4 high performance white LEDs producing 800lm
• Low power consumption – less than 13W
• 30% more light than Generation II
• Ultra long service life

  P/N 1539-LED Mega Beam LED Work Lamp    P/N 1547-LED Module 70 LED Work Lamp  
                                                                Spread beam pattern                                                                                   Spread beam pattern
Generation III LED Work Lamps
                                                               All dimensions in mm.                                                                                 All dimensions in mm.


They are incredibly resistant to impact vibrations, fluctuations in voltage, and after installation require no maintenance. Both lamps feature large cooling fins on the rear of the aluminium housing, which ensures optimum heat dissipation, guaranteeing the long service life of the LEDs. Generation III LED work lamps are fully sealed against dust and are resistant to high-pressure cleaning.

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