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EuroLED® 75 Downlights Now 2.5 Times Brighter

26 August 2015

HELLA’s new EuroLED® 75 now features a light performance some 2.5 times brighter than the previous model.

These stylish, energy efficient round LED downlights incorporate the latest in LED technology and are available in two white colour temperatures. Both the crisp white and the warm white option offer a smooth, evenly distributed illumination and an optic designed to reduce individual light source glare, which can lead to discomfort and eye strain.

EuroLED® 75 lamps are completely sealed and manufactured using the highest grade materials that will not corrode, fade or embrittle in the harsh automotive environment. The innovative, ceramic based thermally conductive material dissipates heat generated by the LED’s, thereby extending the life of the downlight, whilst being completely corrosion free.

The new HELLA EuroLED® 75 is fully sealed and thus ideal for interior as well as exterior installations. Both a black and a white plastic rim are included.

   HELLA EuroLED 75 Downlights
P/N 2JA 958 110-031 - White (Left)
P/N 2JA 958 109-031 - Warm white (Right)

  RFCommSafe™    UV Resistant   5 Year Warranty 
    All dimensions in mm.

EuroLED® 75 Downlights - Recess Mount
P/N 2JA 958 109-031 - Warm White - White and Black Plastic Rims (Left)
P/N 2JA 958 110-031 - White - White and Black Plastic Rims (Right) 

For more information about our new EuroLED® 75 Downlights please click here.