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Environmental Choice Meets Economic Sense

22 May 2015

HELLA switches to 100% renewable energy.

In a world where the conservation of precious resources and the development of renewable energy sources are given prominence by scientists and decision makers, energy efficient LED lighting has a substantial role to play towards lowering the global carbon footprint without sacrificing functionality or compromising safety.

  HELLA switches to 100% renewable energy

As a pioneer in state of the art LED lighting and a manufacturer of energy efficient and long term durable LED based lighting solutions,
HELLA New Zealand is a customer of Meridian Energy, the largest supplier of electricity, 100% generated from renewable sources. 

New Zealand is a pioneer of harvesting energy from renewable sources with the first geothermal plant opening in 1958. Today the country
features an abundance of diversified renewable energy generation such as from Geothermal (base load), Hydro (stored), wind and solar (intermittent).

Renewable Energy