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DuraLED® Combi-S Lamp

05 July 2013

Stop/Rear Position/Rear Direction Indicator Lamp

The new evolution of the DuraLED® Combi has arrived with a new slim design, featuring a depth of just 25mm.

Combining all the features transport professionals depend upon; world-class materials, unsurpassed design, exceptional performance, and after sales service second to none, the new DuraLED® Combi-S will be the next staple in road transport lighting arsenals

New Slim Design
  Stop Function               Tail Function              Rear direction indicator   With optics that remain clear until the lamp is illuminated, this lamp is understated while boasting advanced features including HELLA’s Ultra Wide Visibility Optics, Enhanced Definition Technology (EDT), a cutting edge Grilamid® lens system with unsurpassed impact, chemical, and UV resistance.  
Lamp Functions    
Hermetically sealed long-term protection; these lamps are robust and designed to withstand high pressure washing and even temporary submersion.   Rear

For more information on the DuraLED
® Combi-S Lamp series click here