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DuraLED® Combi-S Lamp with Reverse - 24V

27 August 2015

The new HELLA DuraLED® Combi-S Lamp features all the specs of the popular 2380 in a new slim design with a depth of only 25mm.

The lens of the Stop/Rear Position/Rear Direction Indicator/Reversing lamp is made from Grilamid®, the highly respected performance polyamide invented and made in Switzerland. This revolutionary transparent plastic offers an unbeatable combination of properties including toughness against impact, long term UV stability and resistance to commonly used chemicals and washes.

The new DuraLED® Combi-S Lamp belongs to the RFCommSafe range of products. All HELLA lamps marketed as RFCommSafe are designed for superior electromagnetic compatibility and go well beyond regulatory requirements and international standards such as EN 55015, CISPR 15, CISPR 25 or relevant UNECE R10.

HELLA’s ‘Fit and Forget’ by Design Philosophy ensures the service life of this lamp is aimed to outlast the life of your vehicle.

The new slim DuraLED® Combi-S is covered by HELLA’s new Lifetime Warranty on all Products from the popular DuraLED® range.

   HELLA DuraLED Combi-S
  P/Ns 2383-24VCS / 2383DT24VCS 

  RFCommSafe™   Fit and Forget By Design   Grilamid 
New Slim Design Featuring a depth of just 25mm
            P/Ns 2383-24VCS / 2383-DT24VCS - Front view P/N 2383-DT24VCS - Rear view 



 Combi-S Lamp Functions   All dimensions in mm.

DuraLED Combi-S 2383-24VCS Stop Function

  DuraLED Combi-S 2383-24VCS Rear Position Function  
Stop  Rear position  P/N 2383-24VCS

DuraLED Combi-S 2383-24VCS Rear Direction Indicator Function DuraLED Combi-S 2383-24VCS Reverse Function
Rear direction indicator  Reverse  P/N 2383-DT24VCS


For more information about out new P/N 2383-24VCS DuraLED® Combi-S click here.
Or for more information about out new P/N 2383-DT24VCS DuraLED® Combi-S click here.