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DuraLED® Combi-R Lamp

09 August 2013

Stop/Rear Position/Rear Direction Indicator Lamp with Red Retro Reflector. HELLA introduces the latest upgrade of the iconic DuraLED® Combi commercial lamp range; The new DuraLED® Combi-R. The most significant developments are a 30% slimmer profile, an inbuilt reflex reflector behind a protective lens, and our Development Team’s decision to only offer this lamp in Grilamid®

Grilamid® is a revolutionary, Swiss made optically clear Polyamide with unmatched resistance to impact and chemical damage. Grilamid® will not yellow or embrittle even after years of exposure to harsh UV radiation

The new DuraLED® Combi-R features the familiar Ultra Wide Visibility Optics that ensures signal visibility from wide angles, reducing the likelihood of oversight accidents. Like its predecessors, the DuraLED® Combi-R is hermetically sealed and designed to withstand high pressure washing and even temporary submersion.    New Slim Design


Packaging and Functions

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® Combi-R click here