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Cable Junction Boxes

24 August 2012

Compact cable junction boxes with the option of 4 or 12 inlet/outlets, and outer cable size from 10mm Ø to 17mm Ø.  The heavy duty nylon housing will withstand common lubricants found underneath truck and trailers, and is safe to clean with high pressure washing equipment. Complete with connecting cartridge allowing 14 separate groups of connections (6 x 8 way and 8 x 4 way) all using 6.3mm flat blade connectors. 

• Lid attached with 4 screws
• Comes with 14 way connection cartridge
• Dimensions (L × W × H): 158mm × 99mm × 63mm
  • Made from chemical resistant Nylon, PA6-GF30
• Type-test approval mark by the TÜV (TÜ.EGG.078-03)
• IP 6K9K (Protection against dust and high-pressure/steam jet cleaning)

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