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Bulb Upgrade - NEW PLUS 200% BULBS

03 February 2023

Hella bulb upgrade packs shown over long exposure light trails


HELLA now has 4 main upgrade bulb groups in the performance range,
with the addition of the NEW super bright SUPREME +200% range:


XENON +30% Bulbs (X) Economical upgrade, increasing light output for minimal extra cost.
ULTRA PLUS +100% Bulbs (UP) Performance increase at a reasonable cost, with a significant increase in light output.
ULTRA MAX +150% Bulbs (UM) High performance upgrade, with increased output and higher colour temperature.
SUPREME +200% Bulbs (S) Ultimate upgrade, with maximum increases in output and colour temperature.

HELLA adds SIX additional new bulbs to the ULTRA MAX range with up to 150% extra light, and introduces the new SUPREME bulb range, offering up to 200% extra light.

ULTRA MAX Image Graphic   SUPREME Bulb graphic

Click the models above to view the ULTRA MAX and SUPREME ranges