LED Inspection Lamp - Mag 3 GEN II

Meet the next generation of the popular MAG 3 best seller, with a new design integrating work lamp and flashlight functionality in one.

Made with the latest high performance LED technology the new MAG 3 multipurpose LED inspection lamp provides a much greater light output than the GEN I model. The modern design offers an ergonomic and user-friendly grip, and the flexibility of the lamp head allows tilting up to 180 degrees. With improved performance and out-standing light output in both spotlight and main light and the added feature of USB charging, the redesigned MAG 3 work light offers great value in every working operation.

• High power LEDs.
• Strong built-in magnet.
• Easy to use.
• Impact and shock resistant.
• Natural light – colour similar to daylight.
• Low current consumption, high efficacy.
• Strong, sturdy and resistant to water, oil and chemicals. 

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LED Technology

Battery Powered

Strong Built-in Magnet

Built-in Magnet

Strong Built-in Magnet

2 Year Warranty


LED Multipurpose Inspection Lamp - Mag 3 GEN II

LED Multipurpose Inspection Lamp - Mag 3 GEN II

2XM 910 413-011


Light Output

Main: 250 lumen for up to 3 hours
Spot (top): 150 lumen for up to 3 hours

Light Performance

Main:   500 lux @ 0.5m
Spot (top): 1500 lux @ 0.5m

Temperature Range

-10° to +40°C


IP 20


270mm x 62mm x 41mm


3.7V/2200 mAh Li-ion rechargeable.
4 hour charging time.




Includes 1m USB lead and 240V charger.