Revolving Beacon KL 7000 - Magnetic Mount

KL 7000 high performance revolving beacon with light values well above the minimum requirements.

All KL 7000 beacons can be operated on 12 or 24V by changing the bulb. The halogen bulb is replaced from the rear of the reflector eliminating the need to touch the highly polished reflector surface. A twin belt drive ensures a smooth and quiet operation.

Accessory colour lenses available in Blue, Red and Amber. 

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12 Volt Bulb Included

24 Volt Bulb Included


Revolving Beacon KL 7000 - Amber - 12/24 Volt - Magnetic Mount

PART NO: 2RL 008 062-141
Legacy PN: 1729



Spirally coiled lead extends up to 2.5m and two pole cigarette lighter plug

Current Draw

12V 5.5A
24V 3.5A

Power Consumption

12V 55W
24V 70W



RF Suppression

Conducted Class 5 (CISPR25).


IP 5K4K (Protection against dust and water splashing with increased pressure)
IP X9K (Protection against high-pressure/steam jet cleaning)

Bulbs to Suit

12V C1255
24V C2470


R65/00 E1 1241 e1 03 1740

Spare Parts

9.1726.01 Blue lens
9.1727.01 Red lens
9.1728.01 Amber lens
9.1737.91 Two drive belts
9.1726.23 Reflector assembly
9.1726.52 Motor assembly 12/24V


Mounting of Magnetic Base Revolving Lamps. Due to HELLA being unable to control the condition of the mounting surface or the potential forces that may occur during deceleration, fitment of warning lamps with a magnetic base cannot be recommended for use on moving vehicles.


All dimensions in mm.
All dimensions in mm.