Turbo Beam 38cm (15") Light Bar

Turbo beam light bars are built from very highly reliable components to maximise their effectiveness in extreme conditions. They also feature impact-resistant polycarbonate domes and aluminium alloy extrusions to increase service life. In addition, the Turbo Beam’s powerful rotators contain parabolic reflectors, providing exceptional performance and reliability.

Optional magnetic mounting kit Hella P/N 7210897
Accessory blue lenses and red lenses available. 

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Bulb Included


Turbo Beam 38cm (15

Turbo Beam 38cm (15") Light Bar - Amber - 12 Volt

Turbo Beam 38cm (15

Turbo Beam 38cm (15") Light Bar - Amber - 24 Volt



Flash Rate

190 flashes per minute.

Bulbs to Suit

12V 2x C1255
24V 2x C2470


Lens Left Hand Right Hand
Amber P/N 7411187 P/N 7411167
Red P/N 7411189 P/N 7411169
Blue P/N 7411186 P/N 7411166

Spare Parts

7210897 Magnetic mount kit
7210989 Lens retainer/plug kit
7411010 Motor/reflector assembly 12V
Z8559A002B Worm gear - replacement
7439234 Motor/reflector assembly 24V


SAE J845 Class 1


Mounting of Magnetic Base Revolving Lamps. Due to HELLA being unable to control the condition of the mounting surface or the potential forces that may occur during deceleration, fitment of warning lamps with a magnetic base cannot be recommended for use on moving vehicles.


All dimensions in mm.
All dimensions in mm.