Push-in Wire Connectors

Push-in wire connectors used for fast, easy and reliable connection and distribution of cables and conductors. The cables are commonly connected together inside the connector. Available in 2, 4 and 6 pole versions and colour coded for easy identification, these connectors are suitable for a wide variety of applications. They are made from non-corrosive materials and are recommended for use in a clean and dry environment to prevent corrosion.

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Push-in Wire Connectors - 2 Pole - Pack of 8

PART NO: 8KW 958 784-002
Legacy PN: 82502

Push-in Wire Connectors - 4 Pole - Pack of 6

PART NO: 8KW 958 784-022
Legacy PN: 82504

Push-in Wire Connectors - 6 Pole - Pack of 4

PART NO: 8KW 958 784-042
Legacy PN: 82506



Suitable for cable 0.5mm2 - 2.5mm2 cross-sectional area.

Max. Current

24A @ 24V