Circuit Breakers - Standard Blade Fuse Replacement

Compact single pole, heavy duty thermal circuit breakers with push-to-reset mechanism and separate (colour coded) manual release for extra low voltage wiring systems on all types of vehicles and marine craft. Fitted with blade terminals for plug-in mounting and retaining clips and ribs for increased pull-out force and vibration resistance. Ideal replacement for blade fuses in heavy duty applications.

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Circuit Breaker, Purple - 3A

PART NO: 8JS 981 761-001
Legacy PN: 8736

Circuit Breaker, Green - 6A

PART NO: 8JS 981 762-001
Legacy PN: 8737

Circuit Breaker, Red - 10A

PART NO: 8JS 981 757-001
Legacy PN: 8738

Circuit Breaker, Blue - 15A

PART NO: 8JS 981 758-001
Legacy PN: 8739

Circuit Breaker, Yellow - 20A

PART NO: 8JS 981 759-001
Legacy PN: 8740

Circuit Breaker, White - 25A

PART NO: 8JS 981 760-001
Legacy PN: 8741



Max. 28V (Min. 10V)